Djilali Rez-Kallah is one of those rare actors working today who moves easily between comedy, drama, or crime. He’s played everything from mob boss, to homeless person, to doctor, and everything in between; his off-beat humor and warmth always hinting at the surprises underneath.

Known for playing the lionhearted, tenacious, no-nonsense tough guy, Djilali is often the go-to mobster boss.

Djilali grew up in France where he became an actor and dreamed of the possibility of studying and performing his craft in the USA. After receiving his green card in 2009 his dream has become a reality.

He appeared in independent, student and Studio productions, including short films, televisions, features, web series, commercials and live theater.

Djilali studied acting at the Lee Strasberg Institute and improv at The Groundlings. He’s performed stand-up at the Comedy Store and is enrolled at The Ruskin School of Acting.

Djilali knows how important it is to find honesty in everything he does, which leads to authenticity in his performances.